I walked out on him

Monday, August 11, 2008

It's been a long day. Many would be taking a day off from work so as to give themselves a long wkend. All schools are on holiday too, thus students are super happy as they can sleep late and wake up late. But is that true for all? Apparently not, I had request to teach as early as 8am! Not a problem coz the first session of students were smart and nice to teach. the second lessons was also rather motivating as the student seems very geared up to study for her N levels (*wink*). All was looking great, until i had to travel all the way from Tampines to newton to meet a difficult kid. The parent smsed me, sayin that the night before, the kid and the father had a quarrel and kid wasn't allowed to play computer games. Both were unhappy in the end and kid requested to cancel lesson. Mother wanted me to help talk to kid and asked me to pretend that hp was spoilt. I played along. Upon arrival, kid was still sleeping. i cajoled him for almost 20minutes and he put up a tough struggle, tugging at his comforter, not releasing it and using the pillow to cover his face. he was a tough nut to crack. I tried all ways ie. calmly talking to him, reasoning, and by force. Just then, the father came into the room (it was his rm anyway), n to my horror, he said hi, went to bed, lay down n closed his eyes for 10 minutes!!! He did not once help to urge his child to get up!!!! Thus after 20 minutes, i told the child, if u think u are capable of handling this PSLE, then i shall leave and never come back. N i told him that if he's happier this way, i'll leave. He said he's happier. That was the last straw. to think i woke up at 8am so as to cater to his timings. This is the thanks I get. Is the child or parent to blame? As i walked out, i passed by the bro's rm. Bro was pai seh n said sorry to me....passed by the father who was sitting in the living room watching TV...i told him lesson's a no go today..he went "alright" seemingly nonchalent. n as i walked out, he mumbled a "sorry about it" to me. Talk about sincerity!

I personally think it's the parents who are at fault. Perhaps they weren't strict with their boy, thus the attitude and stubborness. No doubt, u need to show love and reason with the child, but look at kids these days! Terrible! so unlike our generation who were all caned from young. We turned out fine! Sigh...totally spoilt my day. Coz of him, i couldn't help others who genuinely needed my help. Coz of him, i ended up whiling my time away at Hougang Central as I waited for 5pm to come (needed to collect some scripts to mark). Coz of him, whilst in Hougang Central, I engaged in a wild book spree (POPULAR was having a sale n there were loads of books going for $1!!! makes perfect children day's gifts!). but alas, thinking it's cheap (the most ex being $4), I bought loads (including a 1000 pcs jigsaw which cost onli $3.90!!. made in China of coz!)..total bill came up to $60.40!! insane! then following that, i went to POPULAR again to get some other stationary and 2 vocab books. total was around $40! Spent like $100 at POPULAR!...all becoz of u know who. grrrrr..still a little mad n totally spoil my mood for the entire wk.