Tick Tock goes the Biological Clock

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ever get that feeling that time is running out for your body? perhaps it applies more for ladies coz we have something called the biological clock. Something which some men fail to acknowledge.

last night, honey and I were watching this drama on SCV and there's a scene where the hubby was beside his pregnant wife. preggy wife wants hubby to go in delivery room with her, but hubby is scared of blood but he eventually sacrifice coz wifey said that nothing in this world is more painful than giving birth. This scene gave rise to our conversation. Honey asked me if I was afraid..it's gonna be scary...painful..OUCH. he was all out to put a blanket and make me afraid (as usual..n that makes me think) so that perhaps we can dont have kids for the rest of our life. Or perhaps that's what I thought. but i know something in his heart tells me that he likes kids and would really wana have some of our own. i mean imagine. OUR PRODUCT.

but we are both freaked out by such a huge committment. it's scary for me coz it's PAINFUL LA!..think what? shitting ah!? gosh. but on the other hand, it seems like a beautiful experience. I mean i'm so inspired by people around me. But then again, looking at the kids i teach, sometimes u realli wanna slap them. Then again, I've always wanted a boy and a ger. Twins better la..haha..no need to shit so many times! It's a heartwarming experience, but i wonder when will I ever be ready. I asked him if he wants, n he finally said..next day lor. his fear naturally apart from the committment i guess it's the MONEY. nothing is more frightening than not being able to provide for your kids and what's worse urself.

SIGH..i tink i should concentrate on earning more greens first. though the clock is ticking n they say should give birth before 32, we should focus n not do things on impulse! It's progress that we have approached this topic and that we are both not resistant towards the idea. My heart really melted when he talked to me about having kids and looked at me with though puppy eyes..orhhhhhhhhh...Have sex that time shiok la...but the consequences hor, u must bear!haha. Proper family planning is important. So hopefully relatives will stop askin that sensitive question on "when having kids?" on the next CNY.