Fat....stress....it's all mounting!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The day is drawing near. Our Guo Da li will be on 29th Sept...I wonder if I have to be around on that day.hmmm..traditionally i think the bride n groom don't have to be present...but unfortunately my daddy dearest is involving the whole Clan, thus my presence is definitely important. The moving of stuff situation isn't going on that well as it's still super slow!! URGH i dont understand how can one have so much thing in just one room! After several trips up n down the new n old house, I still have half a cupboard full of clothes! Tmw i have to go get more hangers...grrrrrr. Saw some very nice dresses today, but gotto really hold the purse strings as $$ is in the red. I need to really speed things up! Gosh, all this is making mi stress. n when i m STRESS i EAT! n that's making mi fat! not to mention i'm having an outbreak!.ahahhaha.......okok..enuff of excuses..i tink i had better start climbing stairs soon. I've only got a month! I need to be shapely enuff to fit into my gorgeous Cheongsam!