Gnee Hong Rocks!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Been hearing loads about this Furniture shop located along bencoolen Street but have no time to visit it till the other day. SO HAPPY WE VISITED...coz....*drum rolls pls*.....we finally ordered our dining chairs and my swan chair!!!! excited! the swan chair cost a whopping $240 but hopefully it's worth it. it's a little shorter than the usual study chairs and do not have hydraulic pump to adjust height. hopefully that doesn't hinder much since i can always add a cushion.

We still have loads to get....namely electrical ie. LCDs, Microwave, Fridge......sigh..the headaches of getting married and setting up a home. Although it's very fun, many money issues will arise. In fact, sweetie and I often quarrel over it especially when the bills arrive. It's really very stressful to see our income depreciate. It's really upsetting to quarrel and I guess we all have to learn to be patient and sensible. Give and take is the golden rule. Take a deep breath next time u feel like blasting.