DESIGNER CHair that Makes Heads Turn

Saturday, July 7, 2007

My Baby is not in Singapore's been only a day but I miss him already...:-(

Today there was a Storm! Woke up at 730am to get ready to teach and the downpour was so heavy i can't see my pool! What a nice day to sleep sad I have to work. These days I've been contemplating to cut down on work and enjoy more of life. But enjoy = money...n money = work. Money just wont drop down from the sky. OH SHIT! forgot to buy TOTO...sigh, no wonder i din win that 5 mil la! To continue with the hectic life I'm leading? or to take a breather and smell the green grass? That's the dilemma in life isn't it? A question I've been asking myself and been frustrated over. Can't seem to get myself focused these days.

ok enuff about me.....chanced upon this site: that sells gorgeous chairs! The type i'd like to have for my living room! Esp the eye chair and the swan chair...or perhaps the bullc hair or the popular Barcelona & ottoman? hmmm...i think design comes with a price too....that's why they dare not put up the prices? hehe

Have to get started on my packing..been procastinating. I've never been so untidy in my life! Hate my room now. But it defeats the purpose of packing now since I'll be moving stuff over to my love nest real soon. Only thing now to do is to THROW! yes...i have to throw more things...else sweetie is gonna complain again. But how to throw? sigh, everything is so precious to me....


  1. Hi there, thanks for promoting Studio 1961. A good 10% discount if you interested in any pieces. Fyi, the prices are not up as our prices are very dependable on the quantity you see. =) You guys look great!

  2. Hey thanks pamlit! I've actually emailed u a request for some quotes for some pcs which I'm interested in getting. However, I received no reply. ;-(. I'd like to know the range which I'm looking at. Would love to come down to visit your showroom but due to work commitments, my hub and I can't make it. So would really appreciate if you could advise. Thanks!